Spring 2017

Dogs in the dorm

From left: U of M sophomores Cassidy Jasper, Eliza Theis, Kenwyn Shriner, and Greta Henry with Crush, an 11-month-old Labrador retriever. This year, they helped train and socialize Crush and another future service dog for Can Do Canines through a pilot program, FETCH (Fostering Education and Training Canines in Housing). The dogs live with the students at Bailey Hall on the St. Paul campus.
Photography by Mike Krivit

 “It’s kind of a life-changer—what we’ve learned about the different types of work these dogs do. We’ve had dogs as pets, but it’s a different relationship. When he’s here, he’s our pet. We have that bond. When we’re out working, it’s a very professional relationship. He knows he’s working and is supposed to have a different attitude when he puts his cape on. It’s really cool walking around campus with him. You create a path of happiness as you go.”

—Kenwyn Shriner, ’19, Robert Henton Scholarship recipient

Watch a video of the students training Crush and describing what it's like to have a dog go everywhere they go.