Fall 2016

Great adventure

Photo by terry tollefson

When people say they got “whacked on the side of the head,” they usually mean it metaphorically. But for University of Minnesota Crookston (UMC) senior Delaney Kohorst, the phrase has a literal meaning, too. 

As a sophomore, she got a concussion while playing soccer. It was one too many for the athlete who’d played since age 4 and had previous concussions. “I just decided to call it quits,” she says. “It sort of sped up the process of looking at what my next great adventure would be.” 

The upbeat business management and marketing double-major set out to find out. She served as vice president of UMC’s student association, worked as a community advisor (resident assistant), did an internship with the Fargo RedHawks baseball team, and worked in UMC’s development office, where she helped organize two golf tournaments that brought in $13,300 for scholarships. 

The recipient of four scholarships herself, Kohorst knows what they mean to students. “I’m so thankful when people put their hard-earned money back into the university,” she says. “I’m definitely going to give back.” 

Kohorst’s latest “great adventure” is underway in London, where she’s studying at Queen Mary University.