Fall 2019

No place like home

Photography by Terry Tollefson

It should come as no surprise that Jordan DeBoer feels uniquely connected to the University of Minnesota Crookston (UMC). After all, his family tree is dotted with generations of alumni—including his great grandparents who attended nearly a century ago when UMC was still the Northwest School of Agriculture. 

“It feels like home,” the senior says.

DeBoer is now preparing to graduate with a degree in agricultural communications, one of UMC’s newest majors.

What does Crookston mean to you?

It means agriculture, community, and family. There’s probably about 100 years’ worth of family history here on campus. It’s a special place to call home. 

Why major in agricultural communications?

It combines two things I’m really interested in, and it’s given me some great opportunities, including an internship at a radio station last summer. I interviewed farmers about their harvests and traveled across the region to talk with them in person. And I got to learn from some of my heroes—broadcasters I’d listened to since I was a kid. 

How has scholarship support helped?

It’s allowed me to pursue this field. I owe a lot of thanks to the community here at UMC and in the agricultural industry for being so supportive. I feel really humbled by the support I have received.