Fall 2016

Biomarker discovery

Martina Bazzaro

Though most women with endometrial cancer have a good prognosis, some with early-stage, low-grade endometri­al cancer experience a recurrence. When the cancer recurs, it’s often resistant to chemothera­py and can be deadly. 

New Masonic Cancer Center research sug­gests that a biomarker may indicate this recur­rence risk. 

Supported by the Min­nesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance, Randy Shaver Cancer Research and Community Fund, and the U.S. Department of Defense Ovarian Cancer Research Program, the U’s Martina Bazzaro found that women with high levels of a specific enzyme are seven times more like­ly to experience a recur­rence than women with low levels. She’s leading an international effort to validate the findings. 

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